All Around Amazing

Hayley Goldfarb & Mindy Chapman

It was an amazing year at McMaster Hillel.  Our student presidents led their teams with dedication and passion.  Hear it in their own words with quotes from Hayley Goldfarb, President, 2015-16 and Mindy Chapman, IOC President, 2015-16.

Hayley Goldfarb, President, McMaster Hillel

Volunteering as the President of McMaster Hillel was an experience that improved my leadership skills, challenged my assumptions, and allowed me to connections within the Jewish community. Above all else, my volunteer experience has given me immense pride in what the McMaster and Hamilton Jewish community stands for and what we can accomplish.

Mindy Chapman, President, McMaster Israel on Campus

“Being able to help create the foundations for a strong and committed Jewish community through volunteering with Hillel and Israel on Campus means the world to me. If you ask

any of us to describe Jewish life at McMaster, our answers are usually some form of the word family, and its incredibly special to not only be a part of that family, but to know that

I’ve played a part in making our community what it is.