Thursday, December 09, 2010   
Staff Directory


Zac Kaye Executive Director 416-913-2426 [email protected]
Rabbi Aaron Katchen Associate Executive Director 416-913-2424 [email protected]
Rabbi Aaron Greenberg Director of Jewish Learning Initiative 416-736-5179 [email protected]
Chana Cohen Administrative Assistant 416-913-2424 [email protected]
Erin Cohen Communications and Marketing Manager 416-913-2424 x4010 [email protected]
Jennifer Diamond Jewish Education @York 416-736-5173 [email protected]
Jessica Gilbert Special Projects Coordinator 416-913-2429 [email protected]
Margot Bychutsky Jewish Education @ York 416-736-5178 [email protected]
Yulia Korolitsky Russian Programming /Jewish Ed/Admin 416-736-5178 [email protected]
Shirin Ezekiel Director of Israel Affairs 416-913-2428 [email protected]
Rotem Stark Director of Engagement 416-913-2424 x3030 [email protected]
Laura Herman Engagement Coordinator 416-913-2424 [email protected]
Joel Pearl Program Associate - York 416-736-5173 [email protected]
Jaime Reich Tzedek Initiatives Coordinator 416-913-2424 x3004 [email protected]
Alona Geysman Russian Jewish Programming & Birthright Israel Administration 416-736-5178 [email protected]
Stephanie Krasman Assistant Executive Director 416-913-2427 [email protected]
Elise Loterman Program Associate at Hillel @Ryerson 416-979-5255 x1-2394 [email protected]
Brandon Lablong Special Programs Coordinator 416-913-2424 x4011 [email protected]
Emily Berg Israel Programs Coordinator @ York 416-736-5178 Emily. [email protected]
Michelle Boigon Administrative Assistant 416-913-2424 [email protected]