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Arts & Culture

The arts and culture programs of Hillel of Greater Toronto is an important aspect of Jewish life on campus. The program serves students who are interested in all facets of artistic and cultural life.

These programs offer students a way to express themselves creatively, to develop specific art skills, to engage in the Jewish community in a new way, and to meet other students who have similar interests. The program creates a foundation on which the community of Jewish student artists is built, and is central to the development of a rich artistic and cultural community.

Importantly, the arts and culture program also offers students a way to explore their Jewish identity in an open, expressive, and intellectual environment. For example, last semester Hillel held a workshop exploring Jewish identity through clay sculpture where students discussed issues of representation, and symbolism in the context of contemporary and traditional Jewish thought.

Be sure to check back on the website to find out about arts and culture programs happening on your campus.

If you would like to get involved with Hillel's arts and culture program, or would like more information, please feel free to contact Daniel Abramson.

Daniel Abramson
Program Director
Hillel at the University of Toronto
[email protected]


Committees and Other way to get involved

Interested in...
Photography? Drawing? Sculpture? Film making? Creative Writing? Klezmer Music?
All you have to do is get in touch with us. We are putting together a bunch of groups for students interested in the arts. Let us get you connected, and help make it happen. That is what we are here for. email [email protected] and let us know exactly what you are into, and we'll hook you up!



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