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Interested in running for a position with Hillel?

Welcome to the 2004-2005 Elections!

As a Hillel Student Leader, you will have the opportunity to design and shape the future of Jewish campus life for some 15,000 students in Toronto. This is a lofty but very rewarding endeavour and a venture that you should feel proud taking upon yourself.

What are the expectations of me as a Hillel Student Leader? 

What do I get out of it?

For more information about elections at the different Toronto area Campuses, please see the information below:


University of Toronto Hillel

Hillel @ York

Hillel @ Ryerson

Toronto College Hillels











What are the expectations of me as a Hillel Student Leader?


What do I get out of it?




Above all, a member of a Hillel Student Board is expected to be positive, enthusiastic, committed. All members are expected to work together with the Hillel staff and other students to design and facilitate Jewish programming on campus on an ongoing basis. Aside from your ongoing responsibilities, it is important that you attend and participate in a monthly board meeting. 


A member of a Hillel Student Board is expected to demonstrate leadership qualities. The feeling of ownership of and responsibility to the Jewish student community is yours.


It is also important as a member of a Hillel Student Board to spend time in the Hillel physical space on your campus to meet and welcome new students, to advertise programs and most importantly to engage student to work toward common goal of creating a strong and vibrant Jewish community on campus.


What do I get out of my Hillel involvement?


Aside from the opportunity to work together with an enthusiastic and motivated group of staff and students, there are many additional benefits, both tangible and intangible, to becoming a member of Hillel Student Board. The intangible benefits are often most important and they include

(1) Personal satisfaction; after all, you are helping to foster/improve Jewish life on campus for your peers.

(2) The power to shape the agenda and priorities for Jewish students on campus.

(3) The opportunity, on an ongoing basis, to refine your leadership and management skills, to learn the art of media relations and diplomacy and to master the art of interpersonal relations.



Wolfond Centre for Jewish Campus Life

University of Toronto Hillel


SCC - Student Co-ordinating Committee (Executive)

CC � Community Council




Vice Chair


Orientation, Outreach & Engagement


Public Relations Co-ordinator



Arts & Culture

First Year Students at Hillel (FYSH)


Holocaust Education

Israel Advocacy

Jewish Learning

Residence Programming and Relations

Shabbat Ritual



Tzedek Hillel


When and how do I nominate?


How do I learn about the candidates?


When can I vote?





What do these roles entail?



Student Co-ordinating Committee:

         Ultimately responsible for the overall functioning of the SCC.

         Serve as figurehead and liaison of Hillel to the university and Jewish community.

         Provide guidance to Jewish student leaders.

         Work with the Associate Director to ensure high quality Jewish programming.



         Co-ordinate and chair CC meetings.

         Give guidance to groups and committees in the realms of programming and leadership.

         Aid the Chairperson in all capacities.

         Standing member of all CC committees.


Orientation, Outreach, and Engagement


         Plan and implement all orientation programs, with an emphasis on the beginning of fall semester.

         Work with colleges to ensure Hillel is publicised during their mini SAC days and orientation week.

         Work with engagement focused Jewish Campus Groups (JCGs) and Jewish Campus Committees (JCCs).

         Assist newly active members to feel a part of the community.

         Help co-ordinate recognition of new Jewish student groups and committees.


Publicity and Public Relations Co-ordinator

         Promote the activities and image of Hillel on campus.

         Assist JCGs and JCCs in promotional ventures.

         Together with Chairperson, act as spokesperson for Hillel.

         Create and distribute press releases.



         Ensure proper maintenance of the Hillel treasury concerning billing, payments, and budgeting.

         Seek creative ways to fund and sponsor different events.

         Advise and assist JCGs and JCCs on the most efficient uses of money.

Community Council

Chair of Jewish Campus Committee:


Each committee chair organises a different aspect of Jewish programming on Campus creating a diverse atmosphere of Jewish Campus Life.


Arts & Culture

The Arts and Culture committee attempts to create many opportunities for Jewish students to experience Jewish art and culture through art, music, dance, film, theatre and poetry.


First Year Students at Hillel (FYSH)

FYSH is a group aimed at providing Jewish programs for first year students to ease transition from High School to University and introduce you to campus life.  Its goal is to create a community of first year Jewish students on campus, who want to meet and hang out with other Jewish students entering university.



The holiday�s committee plans programs on campus around the Jewish holidays. Including Rosh Hashanah, Sukkoth, Channukah, Tu Bishvat, Purim & Passover.


Holocaust Education

The Holocaust Education committee is responsible for planning Holocaust Education Week, which is a week of events on campus coinciding with the city-wide Holocaust Education week, which usually occurs around the first week of November. The goal of the week is to educate the entire campus community about the Holocaust.


Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy has a mandate to educate and advocate on behalf of Israel. Its vision of Israel programming is very positive and proactive. It aims to advocate for Israel in a diverse way, showing the diverse nature of Israel in it�s many faces.


Jewish Learning

The Jewish Learning committee works to create a diverse array of options to pursue Jewish learning opportunities for students of all levels of Jewish education and knowledge.


Residence Programming and Relations

The Residence committee develops programs to engage and outreach to Jewish students in residences, helping to include them in the larger Hillel community. The Chair of this committee should be living in residence.


Shabbat Ritual

The Shabbat Ritual committee strives to create an authentic and enjoyable Shabbat experience for all those who attend. This includes not only Shabbat Dinners, but also through the day of Shabbat.



The Social committee strives to create social events throughout the week for Jewish students to meet other Jewish students. The aim is to have fun events designed at meeting new people.



The Sports Committee creates different sporting events and leagues for Jewish students to meet and play sports with others.


Tzedek Hillel

Tzedek Hillel is a public service and social justice initiative devoted to transforming the culture of our campuses and your community. The Tzedek Hillel initiative engages students in social action programming both on the university campus and in the broader community. The focus of the program is to educate students about tikun olam - repairing the world - and to give them the hands-on opportunity to experience it.






    Election Schedule


    Friday March 19 @ 12 pm    
    Applications for Positions Due


    Wednesday March 24 @ 12-2 pm
Candidate Election Speeches
     Come hear all the candidates running to change the face of Jewish Campus Life at the University of Toronto next year.


    Wednesday March 24 @ 2-5 pmThursday March 25 @ 9-6 pm
    Election Voting Period
    Drop by the Wolfond Centre to put in a vote for the prospective leaders of Jewish Life at the University of Toronto for 2004-2005.





Nomination Form for Hillel at University of Toronto


























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1)       Why is Jewish Campus Life important to you?


2)       List some of the Hillel programs/events that you have attended or participated in this year.


3)       Referring to the position you are interested in, what do you hope to accomplish in this position, and what is your vision for next year?  What is motivating you to want this position?


4)       What are some of your skills and/or background experience that will help you in the position next year?


5)       List 3 things you�d like to see implemented on campus next year (program ideas or other initiatives)


6)       Please list any other extra curricular activities and responsibilities you have outside of school.

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Please return completed form to the Hillel office, with 5 signatures, by Friday March 19 at 12 pm.

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