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The Hillel Council is composed of leading members of the Toronto Jewish community, who in the past have identified closely with the work of Hillel. They were instrumental in helping to establish the new organization in Toronto, known as Jewish Campus Services.

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The Council members, either through their involvement at UJA Federation or on the Board of Jewish Campus Services - now Hillel - have helped create a vibrant Jewish Campus life on the various campuses in Toronto.

The Chair of the Council is Professor Irving Abella who has campaigned hard over the years for improved services on behalf of Jewish students on campus. Hillel is very grateful both to his leadership and to the council as a whole for insuring the highest quality of service for our students in the Greater Toronto area.

Members of the Council

Prof. Irving Abella
Prof. Michael Brown
Sandra Brown
Michael Daren
Rabbi Frydman-Kohl
Arthur Kruger
Gerald Halbert
Mark Jadd
Neil Nisker
Alan Sandler
Rabbi Shulman
Lionel Schipper

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