University of Toronto                                       York University                                                Ryerson University

Wolfond Centre                                               Student Centre Room 442,                               Student Campus Centre B22

36 Harbord Street,                                          4700 Keele Street West                                    55 Gould Street

Toronto, On M5S 1G2                                      Toronto, ON M3J 1P3                                        Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

416-913-2424                                                 416-736-2100                                                 416-979-5255 x2394



 Name  Position  Work#  Email
 Marc Newburgh  Executive Director  416-913-2426  [email protected]

 Stephanie Krasman  Assistant Executive Director  416-913-2427  [email protected]
 Aaron Greenberg

 Director of Jewish Learning


 416-736-5179  [email protected]
 Aaron Katchen  Associate Executive Director  416-913-2445  [email protected]
 Matan Evrany

 Israel Fellow

 416-913-2424  [email protected]
 Adir Krafman  Israel Coordinator of Tri and Emerging   


 416-913-2424  [email protected]
 Hanna Cohen

 Executive Adminstrator/Building


 416-913-2424  [email protected]

 Anna Baev

 Jewski  416-736-5178  [email protected]

 Amit Manhaimer

 Shinshin  416-913-2424  [email protected]

 Elise Loterman

 Director of Hillel @ Ryerson and York Region Initiative  416-913-2424/416-736-5178  [email protected]

 Julia Bernshtein

 Jewish Student Life Coordinator @ Ryerson  416-979-5255x1  [email protected]

 Allysa Moses

 York Region Program Coordinator  416-736-4178  [email protected]

 Shirin Ezekiel

 Associate Executive Director  416-913-2428  [email protected]

 Danielle Miller

 Coordinator of Jewish Student Life @  U of T


 [email protected]

 Tamara Caplan

 Director @York


 [email protected]

Hillel is led by our dedicated board of directors, talents student leaders, and dynamic professionals, determing Hillel is led by talented professionals and dedicated lay leaders determined to impact the Jewish future through their work.



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