1. Is there Hillel on my campus in Toronto?

Yes! We have a presence on all major Toronto University and Colleges. I f you can't find a Hillel group on your campus can you call 416-913-2424 and they can connect you with a Hillel Representative.


2. Where is the Hillel office located?

We have offices at Universities of Toronto, Ryerson and York. Contact information is available on our website.

3. Who can be a member of Hillel?

Everyone is welcome to attend our events and become a member, regardless of religious affiliation! We consider every Jewish student on campus to be "members" of Hillel, and welcome to participate in Hillel-sponsored events. There are no membership fees and students are encouraged to attend any Hillel events and activities they like.


4. If I'm not religious, can I still come to events/participate in Hillel?

Yes! Hillel programming and experiences are designed for students of different backgrounds, observance and belief. Some programming, like our speakers' series' or many of our social events, are designed for all levels of observance; other programs are created to be more personal to allow for greater reflection on one's connection to Judaism and the Jewish community, whether from a religious or cultural perspective.


5. What kind of events does Hillel do? What does Hillel do to support students on campus?

Hillel has all kinds of events, ranging from Social to Tzedek (social action) to Israel Advocacy to Jewish Education to Arts and Culture. We have volunteer opportunities, Shabbat dinners, lectures, trips and much more. There is definitely something for everyone!


7. What should I do if I experience anti-Semitism on campus?

Come speak to the Hillel staff on your campus. They will take the time to listen to your story, and will help you in filing a report or complaint with the university administration. They will also be able to recommend other actions, where appropriate or necessary. Or call 416-913-2424 to speak with a Hillel Staff person who will be able to help you with your complaints


8. Is Hillel a Charity?

Yes! Hillel is a registered charity. All donations receive a tax receipt!


9. How can I donate to Hillel?

Click here!


10. Is there kosher food at Hillel programs?

Yes, all the food that is given out during our programs is Kosher.


11. Can we rent space for private functions at the Wolfond Centre?

Room Rental


12. Is Hillel political?

Hillel is an apolitical organization. However, as an open student group, we provide the avenue for any form of expression that a student or a group of students may want or need to convey.


13. Where is the closest synagogue?

The best place to find a synagogue with a service you'll be comfortable with is www.jewishtoronto.org


14. When do you host Shabbat dinners?

Hillel hosts Shabbat dinners throughout the school year, both on campus and in the community. Contact the campus president or campus professional to find out about the upcoming Shabbat dinner schedule for your campus and the whole city.


15. What kinds of leadership development opportunities are there for students?

We have many different paths that can help students develop their leadership such as our student board which is voted on at the beginning of every year. You can join one of our many committees or come to the Hillel staff with your own initiative that you would like to have a lead on. We also have internships such as the Hillel internship program which gives students an opportunity to be employed by Hillel to engage students on campus and to help them connect to Jewish Life in Toronto.


16. Can I do volunteer work for Hillel?

Hillel offers a wide array of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Students who want to be involved in the planning of programs and events on campus can do so by being involved in their campus' Hillel student board or by getting involved by being on various committees such as Israel Advocacy, Arts and Culture or Tzedek Hillel to name a few. If you would like to volunteer for a specific social action projects Hillel can connect you to many organizations across the city. We empower students to pursue social justice and sustainability in our community and around the globe. Using the philosophy of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, our programs connect students to meaningful public services and encourage creative thinking when addressing social justice issues. Tzedek programming also provides travel opportunities for students who want to reach out and gain an understanding of other global communities. For more information on how to get involved, contact Tamar Berger at tamar.berger@hilleltoronto


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