Hillel of Greater Toronto is the address for Jewish student life. Through exciting and creative programming and events, Hillel promotes Jewish identity, student leadership and religious and political diversity in a dynamic and inclusive environment for all Jewish students.


Hillel of Greater Toronto will work to inspire Jewish students on campus to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life by:

  • Facilitating diverse and meaningful Jewish experiences
  • Fostering engaging and welcoming relationships with students
  • Stimulating progressive and creative innovation
  • Forging vibrant and broad-based community connections
  • Enabling dynamic and passionate leadership
  • Embracing Israel and global Jewish people


Hillel was originally formed as the University of Toronto Menorah Society in 1917. Its purpose was to foster a sense of community amongst Jewish students on campus. The name has changed throughout the years and the current reincarnation, Hillel of Greater Toronto, was founded in May, 1995 as a direct result of a report on campus services in Toronto commissioned by UJA Federation the year prior. Zac Kaye, the Founding Executive Director was invited by UJA-Federation to build and structure student life in the GTA in a unified way, and on a city-wide level. Focusing on staff recruitment, student involvement and initiative –and board development, Jewish Campus Services (JCS) began to take shape.