York University

Located in the heart of campus, Hillel @ York engages one of the largest and most vibrant Jewish student populations in the Canada. Hillel at York boasts a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to join us for a lunch, coffee, to hear a speaker, or a shiur or just hang out with some friends. Each month Hillel at York offers a number of innovative programs both on and off campus, and many opportunities for everyone regardless of their interests, to participate in student campus life.

In the heart of The student centre Hillel @ York taps into the energy of Toronto to create an open and inclusive space where students can learn, celebrate, and explore their Jewish life. Hillel at York is a place once you visit, you will never want to leave. We have something for everyone on campus from learning and exploring Judaism with Rabbi Aaron Greenberg (aka RAG), Israel advocacy with our israel fellow (name?), getting involved with the Russian community through Anna at jewski, or just eating your lunch over some conversation with Tamara, so stop by and say hi and be a part of something special at York.


Anna Baev - Contact Me
The Zack Kaye Lounge
Student Centre Building, Room 442
York University