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The Zac Kaye Leadership Fund was established in 2013 in honour of Zac Kaye’s retirement as Executive Director of Hillel of Greater Toronto, following eighteen years of dedicated service. The fund promotes the development of young Jewish leadership through the granting of merit-based scholarships to students and early career professionals who attend programs that will enhance their leadership capabilities. 

Who May Apply?

The fund is open to university and college students from all of Hillel Ontario’s campuses as well as Jewish communal professionals in their first three years of service. Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate how participation in the applied for program will provide ongoing benefit to Hillel and Toronto’s Jewish community.

What programs does the fund support?

The fund supports a variety of programs, including conferences, seminars, semesters abroad, certificate programs, academic coursework, etc. It is incumbent upon the applicant to demonstrate how his/her chosen program will enhance his/her Jewish leadership capabilities. Thanks to the generosity of the Wolfond family, some of the scholarship fund is specifically earmarked for developing Israel related leadership skills. While Masa Israel funded programs are not specifically excluded, applicants will have to demonstrate a financial need beyond Masa Israel funding. Funding is provided for programs that begin no later than one year after scholarship funding is confirmed.

How many scholarships are available?

It is anticipated that the fund will provide 3-8 scholarships annually for ten years. Extraordinary applicants may receive up to $5000. Most scholarships will be between $500-$3600. 75% of scholarship money is disbursed upon registration in the applied for program with the balance disbursed following successful completion of the program, submission of a program report, and a follow up initiative on campus.

What am I required to submit in my application?

Your application will include a few short essays, some explanation of the program applied for, 2 reference letters on company letterhead, and a CV.

What is expected of scholarship recipients?

In addition to successful completion of the applied for program, scholarship recipients are required to complete a follow up report and to meet with appointed Hillel staff upon completion of the funded program. Recipients are also expected to continue forge a partnership with Hillel, and actively integrate the knowledge gained during their program into an endeavour on campus. 

How do I apply?

Applications for Cohort V are now closed. Applications for Cohort VI will open in Fall 2016.

Who do I speak to for more information?

Please contact Shira Gelkopf at 416-913-2424, ext. 3003 or shira.gelkopf@hillelontario.org for more information.