Booze and Schmooze

Written by Jeremy Spira

On January 14th, Hillel Waterloo had its kick-off event of the term. With students attending from both the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University, it was a great night out! “Booze and Schmooze”, which is one of our signature events, always brings out a diverse crowd, and managed to re-engage both new and old faces alike. We chose to start off the term with a social event because of the success we have had with this event in the past. With classes just gearing up for the semester, it is an ideal time for social programming. Booze and Schmooze was at The Huether Hotel, which is a local bar, pool hall, restaurant, jazz room and café. It’s a Waterloo staple. We had some drinks and snacks; their milkshakes are amazing and their blue raspberry drink is to die for. Hillel events are always a great opportunity to make new friends. We are looking forward to many more events over the term, including our upcoming Shabbat dinner in a few weeks.