Hillel of Greater Toronto Stands In Solidarity With Armenian Community

Hillel representatives participate in an academic conference on genocide.

March 30, 2014 (Toronto, Ontario) – On Friday, March 20, Hillel of Greater Toronto participated in the “Academic Conference on Genocide – From Prevention to Justice” organized by the Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee of Canada and hosted by the Armenian Student Association. The event took place at Victoria College at the University of Toronto.

Speakers and representatives included Sheikh Mirza Ismail on behalf of Yezidi Human Rights Organization –International and Raffi Sarkissian on behalf of the Sara Corning Centre for Genocide Education. The audience was composed of members of the Jewish, Assyrian, Kurdish, and Greek communities.

Students and community members from across Toronto came together to learn about genocide in both historical and contemporary contexts. Panellists discussed topics including genocide prevention, concepts of justice and reparations, as well as efforts of healing the rifts between perpetrator and victim. The event was an incredible opportunity to connect diverse communities and create a more united campus.

Tanya Mordkovich, Israel Coordinator for Emerging Campuses at Hillel of Greater Toronto spoke as member of the Jewish community: “I’m here today because our communities have a common goal: to bring truth to light and to preserve the history of our people. We are defined by our history; when people to seek to bury it and deny the truth, there’s not greater weapon than standing united.” She underscored the responsibility of the younger generation to preserve and share the stories and personal experiences of those who perished, as well as advocate for others: “When we say never again, we mean it, and never again encompasses in itself the prevention of such actions being taken against ourselves and others.”

Marc Newburgh, Executive Director of Hillel of Greater Toronto said: “It’s of the utmost importance for individuals and communities to stand together on issues that affect the lives of so many. The subject of genocide is one that holds possibly the greatest significance to Jewish people around the world. We are privileged to stand in solidarity with the Armenian community.”

The conference was a continuation of the partnership between Hillel of Greater Toronto and the Armenian Students Association that included academic and social events earlier in the year.

Hillel of Greater Toronto extends its gratitude to the Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee of Canada for the invitation to participate in the conference, and looks forward to collaborating in the future. The organization considers Holocaust Education as a vital component of its mandate on campuses across the city.

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