Painting for Peace

Written by Jenn Feldman, Student, Western Hillel

On Wednesday February 3, Western Hillel and Israel On Campus teamed up to host the first Painting For Peace program in London.  Painting For Peace is an initiative that has swept across Ontario campuses to create art reflecting the positivity of Israel and the Jewish culture.  The program is organized by StandWithUs Canada with the help of NCSY alumni and all proceeds go to Save A Child’s Heart—a humanitarian organization founded in Israel.

Painting For Peace brings students together and gives them a medium to express and discuss the amazing humanitarian aid projects going on in Israel.  Tanya Zbili, the artist who has been instructing these painting programs says, “this is a time when it can be very difficult to promote peace, coexistence and empowerment on campus. Painting allows people to have fun with students they may or may not know and bond in a warm and fun environment.”

With fourty participants packing the Hillel house, this unique program was proven such a success with beautiful pieces of art to show for it.  So far, Painting For Peace has visited 10 university campuses, and the program is planned to continue its tour to other campuses in March.

We are so fortunate to have programs like these that promote positive open dialogue about topics that are often difficult to talk about on campus.  Painting For Peace was the perfect way for students to creatively engage in Israeli discussion and we look forward to more programs like these at Western!