Boker Tov Project

Written by Sagi Alon, UJA ShinShin

Hi! My name is Sagi Alon, I am a ShinShin and working for Hillel Ontario this year. As a part of my role, I am responsible for doing Israel Engagement or, in other words, I bring Israel to campus. As a ShinShin, I wanted to share something from my home - Israel. It is important for me to bring something new and refreshing to give students the opportunity to “taste” the experience that I have when I wake up every morning in Israel- an Israeli Boker. What better way to do that than to bring people in with coffee, food, music, and recent news?

“The Boker Tov Project” which means “The Good Morning Project” in Hebrew, has been able to create an atmosphere that fosters great conversation about Israel, and creates a warm and welcoming environment for new students to come hang out in the York Hillel lounge. When great conversation is accompanied by coffee (Turkish coffee for the brave ones), treats, and live music, you know that you have something special!

It is amazing for me to see how students open up to new people that they have never met before, all because of an atmosphere built on an authentic cultural experience- from great tunes and bourekas to Israel’s top news channel playing in the background. The Boker Tov Project gave me a space to bring the Israel that I know and live through the things that I am passionate about. For me, the project is great chance to bond and meet new students, and for the students, it’s an amazing opportunity to experience Israel.