Looking Back on an Exciting Year

Zoey Katz, outgoing Co-President

It was an exciting year for Queen’s Hillel! We started off the sweet new year with a giant co-sponsored Rosh Hashana dinner with Chabad, serving over 400 undergraduate and graduate students. The excitement of Frosh week and the beginning of the semester was a whirlwind of constant events and activities, trying to engage our largest ever first year class of Jewish students. Our Shabbat dinners were busting-at-the-seams, and we therefore hosted many of them in the Shul (a much more spacious location). Shidduchs galore were made at our first ever 19+ Singles’ Mixer, and we are excited to have further impact on the Kingston Jewish dating scene! Our Tzedek committee initiated a week-long Mitzvah Madness competition, where students sent photos of their good deeds on Snapchat! Holocaust Education Week was a huge success, drawing in many Jewish and non-Jewish students to our keynote survivor testimony event, as well as to the university-wide exhibit set up on campus. We set up a crazy carnival for our annual Bar Mitzvah Bash party, with delicious home-made cake pops and tons of fabulous decor. Overall, an incredible year that could not have been possible without the incredible dedication and passion of our (ginormous) executive team. We would also like to thank Rob Nagus and Arbel Sabag for their constant devotion and support to the organization, the exec, and the entire Queen’s Jewish community.