Zach Starr, incoming Hillel@York VP of Jewish Life board member and current OU/JLIC student board member.

On Wednesday, March 16th out students had the incredible opportunity to hear words of inspiration from Rabbi Lord Jonathon Sacks at Hillel York. We were inspired by his message, wisdom and desire to meet with the young adults and to speak to President Mamdouh Shoukri on our behalf. Students piled into the room eagerly to hear Rabbi Sacks speak, and crowded the Zac Kaye lounge at Hillel@York lounge so much that they had to sit on the floor just to have a seat. As everyone waited excitedly for Rabbi Sacks to arrive, conversation filled the room with students exchanging topics they had heard Rabbi Sacks speak about. Once Rabbi Sacks entered the room, a wave of silence and admiration came over everybody. We thank Rabbi Lord Sacks so much, and greatly appreciate his time, effort and preparation in order to have been able to make this amazing, inspiring and educational event possible.  Thank you to those from OU/JLIC and Hillel who made the event possible!