Kosher Food Now on Campus!

By Judith Dworkin, Director, McMaster Hillel

Jewish students at McMaster University are proud to announce that there are more kosher options available to students who would like to eat kosher on campus.  Through the efforts of Hillel, Chabad and the university administration, food services is now offering sandwiches and danishes from Hermes Bakery in Toronto.   Hermes delivers delicious fresh sandwiches - egg, tuna and smoked salmon every Tuesday and Friday to the Piazza of the Student Center’s main eating areas.  This is a huge success for the campus, as it helps to advance the university’s mission of being an inclusive campus and also allows Jewish students a kosher option, which was severely lacking in the past.   Sandwiches began last semester and to celebrate, students took “selfies” with their sandwich to promote the new offerings.   Students with the most “likes” on facebook won a Starbucks coffee card!  With sandwiches and danishes being the initial offering, we hope to expand the offerings to even more options moving forward.  In addition, kosher options are available to students via Hillel’s Wednesday bagel lunches, Shabbat dinners and other Hillel programs where food is offered.