Trivia Night

Written by Daniel Borins, Student

On April 2, 2016, Mac Hillel hosted our very own Havdallah/Trivia Night, the likes of which the McMaster Jewish community had never seen. The night began with a Havdallah ceremony in Clubspace, which involved the usual Havdallah fare: a spice box, wine, prayers, etc. But that was only the appetizer for the main course. The Hillel Exec team served up quite the tasty dish of pop culture questions, Israeli trivia, and brainteasers for the two teams of contestants. As the teams tried to solve the questions together, I could see friendships develop through their teamwork; it was an amazing sight to behold. I was happy that I not only got to help run the event, but also create the questions. I made a huge amount of pop culture questions, due to my knowledge of useless information about movies and music. A few Exec and I spent the week coming up with creative questions that would really push the boundaries on what a typical trivia night might provide. One really cool round that President Buckler created was a Google Earth picture round. Participants were shown a Google Earth picture of a famous location and had to guess what that location is. Another fan favourite was the chip contest, where contestants had to guess the brand and flavour of a variety of potato chips. I very much enjoyed this round, because even though I wasn’t guessing any of the flavours, I got to “judge” the chips myself. In the end, everybody had a good time, there were plenty of snacks, and people even learned a little something along the way. Great success!